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Much much more to come! Love, fluv x i x Wheeeeee!!!


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Monday, March 26, 2007

Mahalo Maui!

So...goodbye to Maui. She/he has been great to me. I almost but not quite finished "Little Bird" before I left the house today. I didn't because today I started documenting the trip on my DV camera. I don't know what i'll use it for but could be fun to see in time. I didn't finish it last night....well...let me tell you a story...

I was lying down on this lovely shag-pile rug, the fire crackling away with my notepad in the dark, as night descends pretty quick out there in the hills, throwing ideas down for another "cycle" for "Little Bird". I managed to do one I was pretty happy with. Got "touchdown smile" in there which i quite liked. Also..."like help in quarantine" with regards to not being able to do something for someone. Anyway...so there I was onto the 5th lyrical cycle when I noticed something moving on my top. I saw what I thought were two spiders legs about half in inch in length each feeling there way for the other legs to move along behind them. I'd heard spiders over here are pretty harmless but I still don't much like them. They have been known to make me jump across a room screaming like a 5 year old. I was reasonably calm (for me) when I got up (like a shot!) and frantically shook my top to get it off. What fell off me what in fact not a spider but a HUGE centipede! It landed feet (all 100 of them i guess) first and scurried across the carpet at quite a rate of knots. What I thought were two spiders legs were it's antenna! EEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! I ran after it. It was heading for the patio doors but then it got there BEFORE me (it was a fast mover! I guess 100 legs is better than 2 really long ones!) It made a sharp left turn behind the TV into the darkness. I really wanted to see where it went
A. so I could take a picture of the thing and prove to you I'm not exaggerating. This thing was 5 inches long at least. Thick and black...and
B. coz I didn't want to find it on my face in the middle of the night!

Alas...it had vanished. I then spent the rest of the night seeing things moving from cereals bowls to a person in the leaves blowing in the winds outside. I was freaked out! I got a hold of the first person on ichat and splurged my story onto them. They didn't get a word in edgeways (thank you Josh!) but i felt better for chatting to someone about it. He said that it's probably found the outside by now...and I forced myself to believe him.

So...anyway...today...I was packing to leave and Cindy rang me up. Invited me to go round to her house with her before i left. We wondered over down the little road that connects us all out of the way houses up on the cliffs. A short way and then we came to the Cutest house on the planet! Ahh...so cute. Hexagonal. A big bed, kitchen, office all in one room but the uninterrupted view down to the ocean makes it a palace. There's a lovely outdoor shower and a bath she dragged over which she fills up with water from the kettle that sits among the vegetable patch. it's just so lovely. While we were inside Cindy gave me this necklace. She made it! She even made the string that goes around my neck that holds the pendant herself from a plant (that I can't remember the name of). So now i have this round my neck.

She took me out further into where all these fruit trees were. Name a fruit and I bet you it's there. Everything from Guava, bananas, Oranges, Coconuts, Avocado and this thing called Soursap? I think that's what it's called. I really like it. This is one i'd been munching on plus an orange that Cindy found. It really is amazing how stuff grows out here in the tropics. I was being careful where I was throwing my seeds coz she may not want a soursap tree outside her front door by morning!

So thanks again Cindy. She just dropped me off at the airport where I am now writing this all down. Just about to get on a flight to Honolulu to transfer to Nadi (in Fiji) to get a flight to Taveuni where I'm staying for 4 days. I think there's internet there but just incase...thought I'd fill you in now.

I took a quick shot of the piano infested with my gear....

and also of my much adored little blue suitcase that I refuse to trade in for a new one. I just love it. We've been together for a good 10 years now. Ooh...must buy Maui sticker for it.

Right then. That's about it for now. Goodbye Liam, Luis, Cindy and Bobby. Many thanks for a wonderful time. I will be back!
Love and kisses....and to all of you lot too....
byeeeee. xxxxx i xxxxxx

posted by immi  # 6:35 AM
glad you enjoyed your stay. ewww about the centipede, now i won't be able to go to bed. :P

have a great flight!
Centipedes are my enemy as well.....I find them in the laundry room of our apartment building. EWW!!
You are really truckin' along on that album! I'm so excited! Never fear about the bugga boo, I bet he was just a fan and wanted to say hello. Lots of love to yas!
woohoo...soursop! all the references to tropical eatables in the maui entries are making me miss T&T--you should get there sometime during carnival season if you have the opportunity....talk about some colorful plumage--you'd be quite at home. :)

On an 'oh my god' note, you're very brave. i would have beaten myself silly if i thought there was a spider on me...had i later realized it was a centipede, i would have passed out then and there with one loud shriek of terror. something something number of legs directly proportional to the freak out factor....

safe, happy travels and thanks for sharing them with us.
I cringed reading about the centipede!! -- That piano must be so confused thinking "wasn't it only 100 years ago when it was just the pianist and I? Not me and a million wires going everywhere?!" :-P
eww! i absolutely HATE creepy crawlers! gross! i totally wouldnt mind if they didnt exist in the world.

double ick.

one hundred times ick for each little leg of that thing.

i really quite like the line "like help in quarintine". Actually I love it. Keep it.


It sounds heavenly in maui...i want to go there sometime...
hey Immi-

Glad you had such a nice time in Maui! I was in Kihei last July and decided that if I ever get wealthy enough, I'll definitely have a place there! The centipede sounds so scary! I know what you mean about seeing things moving everywhere after that. Yikes.
Oh also, my friend Pinar made your grammy dress and I love that I have one degree of seperation to you! You looked great, by the way!
Loved you since Frou Frou!
Soursop is awesome! It's good you try those tropical fruits because you never hear about them in other places. It's great to hear you're already working on the next album.
This is great blog, especially since it's my first. And the archives make it a double shot of good. Thanks for all you do for your adoring fans (me!)
Nice Immi, I really like "like help in quarantine." I can definitely picture you singing it in your amazing voice.
Glad to see Hawaii is such an adventure!

- Ari
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