Right then...I've begun the 3rd album (the follow-up to 'Speak For Yourself'). I'm going to write a more frequent blog as I did with the last one so you can keep an eye on me and make sure I'm not slacking! I wonder how it's gonna turn out? How exciting! You're very welcome to comment but please don't ask me questions on here or i'll never get any work done. You can email me with any questions you have and every month we'll pick 20 from the virtual 'hat' and post them. Send your questions to: igrill@imogenheap.com

Much much more to come! Love, fluv x i x Wheeeeee!!!


Click here and here to see 360s of my cosy studio in London where I wrote and recorded the last album "Speak for Yourself" xxx

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Bad Timing, sorry.

Today's menu
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Everyone around me has had it already. It comes out of nowhere and then pins you to the floor, nose like a tap, brain of mush, I have surrendered to the force of the flu. It tickled around 6 last night and by midnight it had me in a stronghold. Thought i'd sleep like a log, but instead spent most of the night naked, half awake, in front of a crowd of people waiting for me to sing. I couldn't leave 'til i'd sung and I couldn't sing 'til I was clothed. I also couldn't reach the piano and it was all highly embarrassing. Eventually I realized I was awake and all this was taking place in the bed with a tissue stuck to my nose. I gave up trying to go to sleep and at 4am got out of bed for some honey and email.

I am moody and immobile and have gone through two bog rolls already. I've reluctantly decided not to do the gig on Friday, I'm really sorry if anyone has bought tickets to see me. i can't rehearse and I don't want to go up there for the first time in donkey's and sing like one.

I'll make it up to you x




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Monday, September 27, 2004

Riveta eater.

New toy
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I have been going through a phase of eating these crackers whenever there is a moment free. Marmite at the top of the topping list, next peanut butter, cheese...like water. Like I'm eating them to get out of whatever it is i'm putting off doing.


I've been doing a few things here and there but the swing of the "nips and tucks" has not yet commenced I'm afraid. I seem to have had a week or so of seeing friends, a wedding, buying gear - won the ebay auction for the Dangerous 2-bus i was going for. Got it for a STEAL! mmm mmm...it's an analog summing unit for digital audio mixing incase you were curious! - Plus been testing out some new monitors which I think i'm going to get...not cheap though so I hope I'm getting the right ones...eek.

Also....quite a few of you have emailed me asking for me to release the "petunia" song i did for Six Feet Under. As some of you know there were three versions of the song. They are all 57 seconds long coz that's the amount of time it took for the credits to roll. I made three so the guys at SFU had a choice. They are not really all that different from one another, only the first half of each is different. One is all hummed, one is singing lyrics into the distance and then hummed and one is sung in full up until the B section then hummed. Also some of you were asking if this was a smaller part of a bigger picture but alas, no. It stays at 57 seconds. If any of you want to have all three we are setting it up so you can for a quid. up in a few days.

erm....oh yeah, also going to be playing at the new Marque in Leicester sq this Friday for the "Time for change" gig, all proceeds go to Make Trade Fair and Democrats Abroad. Everyone's doing three songs. Probably just me and piano (except i am going bring along my harmonizer so I can do "Hide and seek". May also get something up on the laptop to play along with, perhaps headlock - stripped down though). There are loads of other people doing it. Have a look here for info.

Also went to an amazing concert the other night in St Georges Cathedral near where I live. They played probably my favourite classical piece of all time, Arvo Part's "Cantus In Memoriam Benjamin Britten". Oh my did I shed a few tears! It is sooooooooo beautiful.

Hope you're all doing ok


love love



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Thursday, September 16, 2004


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air....I love the summer but I LOVE it more when you feel the first days of Autumn. The change in a season always gets me excited. People moan about British weather but It keeps me on my toes. A new feeling in the air, the feeling you've been here before and it was good. It gives me energy like a new beginning. Plus I can wear a scarf, my fluffy leg warmers and hats again! It's all in the layers...ja.

So...today I'm waiting on an ebay item. I can't buy it new coz there is a long back order waiting list and I'm not into waiting much...so it looks like a good buy and so far the price is low. 1 hour to go. If I get it I'm going to go fetch it somewhere in London....I WILL get it. The finishing of this album depends upon it!

Went to see a friends band play last night. Nemo. I get mixed emotions when i see them. They are really brilliant, look great, sound wicked, play as tight as humanly possible and have unbelievably cool songs. Excellent lyrics...on and on. So obviously that side is the good part...the down side is they have been doing this for donkey's, well as long me at least, so say been on the London circuit for 7 years, my age and still no interest... WHAT IS WRONG WITH EVERYONE!? what do these talent scouts go and do all day? How can they miss them? I call to all London record company dudes, or people with a bit of cash, to help these guys make a fab record (i hear actually that they are putting something together with chris from I am X ) and get them out there. It's so annoying. I don't think they have management either, so any managers out there looking for something new, come on down. I know there are thousands of bands who are in their situation. Why has it become so hard for good bands to make it? grrrrrrrrr. Anyway...if anyone's interested they are playing a club called Parker Place on 25th Sept in Holborn (London) and the new Marquee in Leicester Sq on the 7th. I don't think I and a load of their mates are the only ones who'll like them! They don't have a website right now as they are updating it. I just spoke to James (singer) about how people can get in touch and he said for people to just ring him...if you think you can help or are interested, email me and i'll send his number to you x

ha...there we go.

I'm going to win win win my auction now...


tra la la, heap x


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Monday, September 13, 2004

Rectangular Eyes

large dog disguised as a car
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G'day, G'devening. We are all clear for the final stage! We have a surprise last entry "Just for now" for the Heap album. It is a small member at only 3.02 min but really does make up a rather dishy dozen. I had the vox down at my last entry but still had to pull everything together with that tune. I was so ecstatic because I had got so close, 6 times, to being content with the lead line on and off over the last year but never totally satisfied. Once I had that i knew i could finally finish it and enjoy arranging the music to complement it. A circuit bent Speak and Spell (thanks to Richie's soldering!) even features! Nice...so this other track came out of something I tried to pitch to a TV show a while back but didn't get it..shit happens..but all was not lost it seems. That little piece has blossomed into a really sweet song. So if have a rough album sequence!

Goodnight and go
Closing in
Loose ends
Hide and seek
The walk
Just for now
Clear the area
Have you got it in you?
Daylight Robbery
I am in love with you
The moment I said it

Even though Daylight Robbery hasn't ended up lyrically matching it's title it still has a link. I really like the title and I want to stick with it. I figured it justified seens it has taken me soooooo long it has robbed me of daylight. A lot of the summer got swallowed up in my seasonless studio. I think it was totally worth skipping a few days of sun. These last few weeks have been really tough coz of that darned song. If i can get through that one i can get through any song! Let go and I had a similar experience. That's one of the reasons why it went first on the album. If we hadn't done that we wouldn've have got garden state and many of you wouldn't be reading this, so there you go! all good.

Well this weekend I've spent catching up on things, like partying and iGriling. I spent four hours yesterday answering those questions! Phew! Some really fun ones. There's even a recipe in this one! Now you're worried...

Just as i'd finished Daylight Robbery i came back home on Thursday night, opened up my email and found that Marisa ( v cool lady!) has got "Goodnight and Go" into an episode of the OC, around December. Is being played not once...but THREE times! Groovy...very exciting for me! More to come hopefully too.

So now..the final stage. The icing, the tweaking, the extra love to bring this album home and gleaming! Checking all parts are being heard and that none are there unnecessarily taking up space.

Need to by a couple of extra bits and do a bit of work on the acoustics in my studio to make sure it's "dead". (no nasty peaking of frequencies)

Until next time.
A very happy and raring to go
Heap xxx


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Friday, September 03, 2004

I'm so happy I could kiss a cockroach!!!

Tooley lights
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WOW....I have emerged from the darkness of daylight robbery and come through triumphant! I have beaten it with persistence alone! That has to be a record, my...what a PAIN in the rectum that has been...Yeee ouch.

It really is plain sailing now...the melody and the lyrics are all there. Now all i have to do is slot it all together...You have no IDEA how much this has done my head in. SOOOOOO Frustrating...

My i'm so excited i can't type spending more time correcting than typing...

In brief... it's about this feeling I've got now and what I'm about to do...cycle down the south Bank of the Thames and look at how beautiful the city is at night.

Thank you all for your help on this one! x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x







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