Right then...I've begun the 3rd album (the follow-up to 'Speak For Yourself'). I'm going to write a more frequent blog as I did with the last one so you can keep an eye on me and make sure I'm not slacking! I wonder how it's gonna turn out? How exciting! You're very welcome to comment but please don't ask me questions on here or i'll never get any work done. You can email me with any questions you have and every month we'll pick 20 from the virtual 'hat' and post them. Send your questions to: igrill@imogenheap.com

Much much more to come! Love, fluv x i x Wheeeeee!!!


Click here and here to see 360s of my cosy studio in London where I wrote and recorded the last album "Speak for Yourself" xxx

Monday, August 29, 2005

She's over the (big red) moon!

Red Moon
Originally uploaded by immi.

Well hello there. At LONG last...oh my...i am over the (big red) moon! RCA victor are now licensing the album for USA and Canada off of Megaphonic Records (me) and you know what that means don't you boys and girls...release date! It is....1st November...2006....not really...

Nov 1st 2005. I know it's still a way off but i thought that little joke may lighten the wait/weight. As with these things it takes 6 months to negotiate the right deal and then right when you're in the middle of something....it absolutely CAN'T wait a minute more... you must sign NOW. So they faxed it though to the guy who owns the studio complex my room's in who had to wait around for me to double check and check again...call my manager...my oh my...the time had come...As soon as I sent it back with a little covering note "All for one and one for all! To a long and happy relationship" xx immi xx I felt so good, relieved. Fingers crossed this is the right decision. RCA victor have really fought long and hard to get this deal and have been exceedingly patient with me. I am very much looking forward to working the album with them. They've already emailed me today about 20 times with all these ideas and putting things in motion. I'm all excited all over again. So...Hurrah! I met Larry Hamby (the VP of A&R) back in February of this year. Somebody had recommended him and his label for my album. My manager and I met him in his Manhattan office (some 43 floors up) over looking Times Sq. Immediately i warmed to him. I wasn't expecting to come out of that meeting seriously considering signing to them as they are part of the HUGE beast that is Sony/BMG but he really struck a chord with me and we have been in talks ever since. RCA victor's roster is very eclectic which definitely appealed to me. Most importantly they absolutely LOVE and believe in me and the record and that is THE most important thing. (by the way...they are also licensing for Mexico too but don't have a release date just yet)

Soooooo....what else has been happening?
Been doing a ton of press interviews and Q&As for various papers, mags and sites. Getting my patter back now. It was quite tough at first getting back into the swing of interviews after such a long time. For UK peeps check out this Friday's Independent...i think that's going to be a good little feature. Did the interview and pics just near where i live.

I've done my first ever remix for somebody. Temposhark asked me to remix their song "Hard Medium Soft" for their debut album "Battleships". My mix was called "HMS Heap mix"...get it HMS...battleships...anyway...There's also a certain Mr Guy Sigsworth who's done a remix for another of their songs "it's better to have to have loved". I've heard it and it is (of course) beautiful. Their rather cunning plan for the album is to release a double CD. One of their album and the other the remix album. They've also got Cursor Miner (who I LOVE!!!!) and Avril (who i also LOVE!!!) to do a remix...should be good...Their album is released sometime in January next year.

Then after I got that together i raced through my instrumental B-side for Hide and Seek (to complement the a cappella A-side) in time to get it mastered before this bank holiday weekend to make sure that it gets to be pressed in time for single release (which is now 26th Sept). I'm designing the 7" vinyl today but the small problem is I still haven't stumbled across a title yet. hmmm...As the track has no lyrics...it's quite dark. Filmic, orchestral.

I feel really good about the piece because I finally got around to using this idea i had from the beginning of making the album. Before the lighting and flower people moved in below my studio there was this large cavernous warehouse space that no-body was using. I'd come up the stairs in the morning and sing a loud note through the open door and listen to it echo. It was a little ritual. I really wanted to record something in there. When i heard this amazing trumpeter Arve Henriksen - listen to his piece "viewing infinite space" on this web page - was coming to London to do a show i pounced on the chance and asked if he'd come to my studio which he did. He is AMAZING live. You HAVE to see him if he ever comes by your town. I don't get all teary too often at gigs but i was blubbing hard that night. Just sooooo beautiful. There was this one particular piece where he improvised for about 10 minutes (it was just him on stage with his sampler). Recording his voice and trumpet as he went along. Playing over himself. My oh my I was very emotional! You can buy his Chiaroscuro album on iTunes too.....So...

back to the b-side. There was this small musical idea I had and i asked him to play over it. We recorded it in that big room with trains passing by every 3 minutes. Which was amusing to start with then rather annoying. The natural reverb was perfect though. What he played that day was just gorgeous but when it came to writing some lyrics for it i just couldn't find anything. So it got left behind and i felt bad that i didn't use this cool stuff he did on the album (i did use a little in "i'm in love with you" but not nearly as much as he should have!)

So there we go. Arve finally trumps loud and proud on this as yet unnamed b-side. Another wonderful musician came to my studio t'other day. You know my friend justine...

...well she's got this really cool friend called Linda Neil aka Lula Bliss (she's got no website at the moment soz). She writes and sings songs (she played me one while strumming her violin like a guitar! very cool) and she is an AWESOME violinist. It's can be a little tricky sometimes when a good friend comes at you with a "my mates a musician, you should meet" conversation but Justine really does know her stuff and wouldn't have recommended anyone if they couldn't cut the mustard. So Justine, Linda and I arrived at my studio last sat morning. The day began by me tinkling around on the mbira and Linda singing her violin away. I really get can't into words how exciting it was to be playing with her at that moment. I really felt like i'd met someone i want to improvise and make music with over and over. She has such a sensitive, expressive touch. Not too over the top which is easy to do on the violin. The tone is really lovely. I couldn't wait to press record! We recorded some 10 minutes or so of us improvising me moving between mbira and piano. It's not too often i get to just improvise with somebody like that. One day i'll get around to doing something with what we did while messing. Linda played some violin on the Temposhark remix and then played over the b-side and gave me tons of great stuff to play with. The next day she was zooming back to Paris where she'd be for a few days then off back to India to play in the mountains for a few more months. Lovely, spontaneous, big hearted, slightly crazy lady.

Tour...tour tour...this week i'm going to be frantically getting ready for these upcoming shows! I haven't even bought the gear i'm going to need to do the gigs and my first one is in less than 2 weeks. Shite. Better get it together quick sharp. You can find the tour info on the iCal page of the website. We're going to keep that updated now.

So there we go.
That's pretty much it folks. I can't wait for you to hear the b-side. It's very different to anything i've done before. I hope you like it xxx
love fluv xx


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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Crustless Bread

6 hands are better than 2
Originally uploaded by immi.

Welcome home Discovery! Glad you made it back safe and sound. Here's to MORE journey's into space coz the more you do the quicker people like us get to go there!! Oh yeah baby...that's what I'M talking 'bout.

Sooooo! what's been happening in the land of Heap since itunes no longer says "Did you mean Images Head?" when you type in Imogen Heap. Who or what is Images Head any way? you may ask...and i don't know. Anyway...

So...who's heard Hide and Seek on the radio in the UK!? I have!!! Big thanks to, Jo whiley, Zane Lowe, Scott Mills, Eddy Temple-Morris, Tom Robisnon, Annie Mac and Mike Davies. You guys RAWK! The single has been getting soo much unexpected love and attention from the giant that is radio 1 i hardly know what to do with my glee. I have never listened to radio 1 so much in a week! I got a kick everytime it was played and then someone would text in with their compulsive remarks. They ranged from "I had to pull the car over it's soo beautiful!" to "Imogen heap of crap" (that takes me back a few years!) "she sounds like Dido V Darth Vader". I really laughed at that one. Total 50/50. You love it or you hate it it seems. A real Marmite track. I'd rather that than indifference ANY day! I loved that it was Scott Mills' record of the week too, who LOVES the song and said "it's mesmerizing at it made you sit up and listen" and Chappers (who is part of the Mills' team and also sports commentator) absolutely hated it with a vengeance but had to sit through it the whole week, moaning. Of course i side with Scott ;)

Because of this very pleeeasing response i'm going to be physically releasing the single 19th Sept. Thinking formats...thinking limited release...thinking something special. Maybe some little 7" vinyls. So been working on getting some B-sidey ideas. I was thinking, seen as Hide and Seek is kinda a cappella i could do an instrumental to complement it. That'll be quite a challenge to NOT use my voice i tell you! A lot of sounds on the album you may think are strings or drums are in fact byproducts of my voice in some form or another. Not all of them obviously though...i'm clever but not that clever! Haha..erm yes so where was I? Oh yes...me...

NO not me....More importantly AGGIE (left of me in photo at the top) and RACHELLE! (right of me). So incase you don't know who these ladies are Aggie won the competition about a month ago and Rachelle is her mate she bought along with her. Aggie won by sending an email with this in it to as many peeps as possible (she wan't spamming coz we have ways and means of checking and caught a few other people out trying their chances with spam mails to beef up their numbers) If you don't already know what the top prize was it was this.

Flights for you and a mate to London (return obviously) from wherever the winner was in the world.
3 nights in an apartment in London. After weeks of looking for somewhere central with a view and kinda fun i found this place on Bow lane. Paid for, of course.
On the day you get here i pop over and cook you dinner then play a few songs on the old Joanna for ya.

Fistfull of asparagus
Originally uploaded by immi.

I'm not too into my outfit. I look like i'm donning a tent and it's all a bit beige.

If you'd like to know what went on why not have a look at the journals they've written about their visit here Thanks guys! Saved me a whole lot of letters!

I'll just add that i had a really great time with them and couldn't have hoped for a nicer couple of people to give the prize to. They've promised me dinner in Toronto so they haven't seen the last of me yet! They even braved a night at my favorite restaurant. the Okonomiyaki house on their last night with me! They gave me lots of gifts too which was really sweet of them. The cutest most definitely being Derek...the Canadian moose (to the right of Rachelle!). The sweetest was Aggie playing me a piano piece she has composed for me as a thankyou! I reeeeaaally enjoyed that. Thank you!!! People don't often play the piano to me. it was a really nice touch. I have been keeping clean with Rachell's mums home made soaps (my boyfriend appreciates this) and drinking many shots of tequila from Aggie's Toronto shot glass! hiccup... and am keeping this candle below to go on tour with me.....

Rachelle's mum's homemade candle
Originally uploaded by immi.

which brings me seamlessly to my next hot topic of conversation. The Hotel Cafe tour. There's also a myspace page about it too with tour dates. So this may in some small way make up for the Tori dates i didn't do. Now i'm not doing the whole tour...most of the acts on the website are only doing part of the tour though people like me are doing most of it. I am not going to make the first 10 days or so though and i'm going to join the show on the 19th Sept in NY at the bowery. Really sorry for those of you who live near the dates i'm not doing. My singles being released over here the 19th and i'd like to be around here to promote it a little beforehand. So it's for a nice reason but i guess that doesn't make you feel any better. Be safe in the knowledge that this is just the first of MANY returns to the states and soon elsewhere in the world hopefully...and our beloved UK! (i've not forgotten you). This looks like it's going to be a lot of fun. Four or five artists at any one time in a bus, plus the house band (if we want to use them) and the crew all together traveling across the states. It's all very stripped down up close and personal. I'm really looking forward to it. Got shed loads to get ready for it though! It may be stripped down but it's amazing what you can come out of a suitcase these days! I will let you know more about this when i do. Will Definitely have singed this darned US licensing deal by then! CRIKEY...it's amazing how long these things take!

Something rather interesting has come up...can't talk to much about it coz it's all hush hush and all but Megaphonic Records (my label) has been offered a label deal by a BIG assed record company with SHED loads of cash they want to give me to spend on this album in the UK. Something i had not foreseen. Well not like THIS one anyway! It really is rather interesting. Secretly EXTREMELY interested. This is totally different from everything i've been running a mile from. I have i'm sure blurted too much. But there we go. Just to fill you in. There are obviously some things i have to give up on...mainly...money from albums not going directly into my bank account after all loans paid off and things but...still....very...you know...interesting..ja?

What else...i have been getting out and about a bit too. Have bumped into three ibabblers (not including Aggie and Rachelle) in the past couple of weeks. Hi you guys. 2 were at the Jon Hopkins gig i went to in SE1 and another at HMV who turned out to be listening to my new album on his ipod too. Immi in your head in your face. Nice...

Jon Hopkins
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i also went to my old pals Jeff and now Sandra (beck)'s wedding party the other day. Great fun. Richie and I camped out in their back yard. Rock and roll. Went to sleep with ducks padding around outside our tent then running into the lake (the ducks not us). I got up and played a couple of songs at their request (the happy couple not the ducks). gave Paul McCartney a CD as you do...you know me...me with the rich and famous! haha...That really was pretty amazing. He asked me to sign it and that he really loved what i played. Crazy or what? Sorry to state the bloomin' obvious but that man was in THE BEATLES! My mum was there also, coz she lives nearby and they love her too (the ducks...no Jeff and Sandra)...she couldn't believe her eyes! I think i spotted her rubbing shoulders with him later on too! What fun we had...how we laughed...

Anyway...onto....Crustless bread went on sale in the UK yesterday after two years in development! Apparently 35% of all mums who make sandwiches for their kids cut the crusts of and this wastes a shed load of bread...I personally like a nice crusty crust. So there you go. Now you know.

love and all the good stuff
more soon....


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