Right then...I've begun the 3rd album (the follow-up to 'Speak For Yourself'). I'm going to write a more frequent blog as I did with the last one so you can keep an eye on me and make sure I'm not slacking! I wonder how it's gonna turn out? How exciting! You're very welcome to comment but please don't ask me questions on here or i'll never get any work done. You can email me with any questions you have and every month we'll pick 20 from the virtual 'hat' and post them. Send your questions to: igrill@imogenheap.com

Much much more to come! Love, fluv x i x Wheeeeee!!!


Click here and here to see 360s of my cosy studio in London where I wrote and recorded the last album "Speak for Yourself" xxx

Saturday, July 31, 2004

he's all burnt out

I think that's the impression i have finally come to today. I got part of my hard drive back...checked to see I had everything then finally went about just erasing to start a fresh with it...no hard feelings. So now there was nothing on it but It was still misbehaving when i copied a song on it...so I cut of it's life support and put it to hard drive heaven...it's a gonna...

Set up my vocoder with my keyboard all ready to sing into when the gear's back on track...a few more lyrics...mmm

sooooo....not how i'd intended to spend today. I thought i'd go and do something useful like...go to the cinema! We went and checked out a midnight showing of Fahrenheit 9/11. if you haven't seen it GO AND SEE IT!

checking out x



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Friday, July 30, 2004

lyrics shmiriks

Originally uploaded by immi.

Got some good ones today...i do and do don't want to put them here...coz funnily enough they sound better coming from my larynx than typed here and read..but...well maybe just one line...

"crop circles in the carpet"...

Just incase you're wondering it's not about an alien upholstery invasion...

it's partly about going back to a house you're very familiar with...that emotionally for whatever reason you haven't quite left behind.


love love

i m m m m i xx


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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

it's getting Graphical!

It's getting graphical!
Originally uploaded by immi.

Now that is really trying to figure out what's missing...for some strange reason I have nothing in E, F, F# ? hmm...all other keys accounted for!

Working on a song called Hide and seek...it's actually around 55 bpm...now that's slow! Going to try and keep it REAL simple. At the moment it's just me singing through a vocal harmonizer and a few snips i drew in as waveforms for rhythm..very blippy! It's about catching someone off guard, drifting off somewhere.

Been using Garage Band to lay down the bare bones of the idea coz my G5 is still a bit sick...boo...bought another disk doctory thing and it's basically telling me that drive is for the cleaners.

So a new drive me thinks...sometimes it's good for me to have no Pro-Tools, no technology...it means the piano gets a little dust shaken off it. Once upon a time i couldn't go on holiday for more than three days without playing the piano. When i was 14 me and my best mate were on holiday with her mum and her girlfriend on a greek Island and i drove them up the wall so much they found me a piano! It was in a market place, just for no reason sitting outside, neglected in the heat..It was all I needed though!

Now i can't go for three days without the glare of my computer screen...sounds sad but i can "play" the computer! Sometimes i'll do a day in the studio and wonder how the hell i made all those sounds? Like playing the piano for hours getting lost in the music, this happens to me when i'm making music on my computer..ok ok...loony bin for me..

Anyway...i'm starvin' marvin. I have eaten today but i just can't seem to get rid of this hunger? weird....


love love

immi x


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Crunchy computer

I've had one today...rrrr....one of my hard drives has gone walkies. Well it's still there it's inside the damn thing but the computer just can't seem to see it. Tried using Norton 7 to find it but a little tip for those you installing this version onto your G5...DONT! rrr...who would have thought a program that is meant to help you can cause so many problems! Then my computer wouldn't boot up at all...i eventually downloaded the current version from my laptop but by then the damage had been done...I wish it would tell me it was going to mess with my system drive. At least to give me the option to DELETE it's ass out of there...luckily for all of us the one part of my life that is orderly is my back up system, so nothing is lost. Just a days work...

So no whiteboarding but i did find a gem of an idea while i was checking i had everything. hmmm...could it be the beginnings of the missing song? I do hope so...

how can a cheque take 28 days to clear? another annoying theme to my day...


'til tomorrow...

Hobo..immi x


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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Whiteboarding dude

yup, tomorrow sees the beginning of box ticking. Going to listen to the songs from where I left off make me a big chart with the songs at the top and the list of ingredients down the side and see what stays, what gets the boot and what need a lick o paint.

I've just emailed the song i've been working on for this pitch. Fingers crossed x you'll be the first to know if i get It...if i don't well..i don't i guess!

Sooooo...did a wee interview today for a radio station near where i grew up. I had four minutes and too much to say so In order to cram it all in I ended up speaking like i'd just swallowed a big balloon full of helium. I don't why we talk higher when we talk faster...less space taken up in the larynx? Do low words have a wider width? dpn't be silly. So if any of you reading this heard me for the first time today. I don't talk like that usually..

I have to do some homework tonight. The DJ, Simon Baldock has given me a few questions to answer by tomorrow coz he also writes for an Essex paper.

Aliens is on the TV. Ripley is one hard lady!

x heap out x


Saturday, July 24, 2004

Short and sweet...

Hi there y'all...just cruisin'

If you're just on the web doing nothing in particular like me at the moment...go have a wee look at the Ninja Tune video page...tons of cool videos to browse...

More of the same today. Lyrics all done for this tune i'm working on...not sure of the title yet...could be "Just for once". hmmm..i think i like it...it's soooooooo short...at a measly 3 minutes! goodness me...if that what the song wants to be then so be it...they decide not me.

Loving that the ibabble is bubbling...I need to get me an avatar. Keep those questions coming in! It'll be good practice for me.

Don't seem to find the time to read but audiobooks are going down well on my short journeys to and from the studio. Listening to Michael Moore's "Dude, Where's My Country" on my ipod. Shocking! Can't take it all in...so much bad stuff going on! Thanks heaven for people like him to seek the truth.

Heap out xxx


Thursday, July 22, 2004

Is your Antenna up?

wow...i love this night at the NFT...a short walk from me being in Waterloo. It's a night held bi-monthly at this cool cinema by the river with reclining seats... I went there two months ago because "Dumbing Down of Love" was one of the videos being shown and Joel Peissig (the director) came over to the UK to be on the panel. What it is basically is a night of about ten music videos, the kind you WISHED they played on MTV, Hits, or whatever except they're to infatuated with Usher and Avril Lavigne
(not that I have anything personal against these guys!) to play any of the more interesting videos in this world because the powers that be assume this is all their viewers care to watch. So this seems to be the only place I know of where you can go see these little gems. Stuff from the more well known guys like Zero 7, to the streets, to Frou frou of course! and to guys I've never heard of like Shakedown and Wagon Christ (the poster art has a still from this video. Then in between a few of the videos a panel of four discuss them and themselves (usually one or two of the directors are up there). Really great stuff...

More lyrics for this song today. I actually really like it. Because there's no pressure, no worries about it going on the album it's totally freed me up. I love the lyrics for it. They are a little cheeky.. Might even go on my own album when I'm done. Will need to make a few lyrical tweaks as there is a reference to the program in it...Happy about it...

Ja...so there we go. Great to see the ibabble coming to life!

Love to you all...

I'm offskies to bed e buys...




Wednesday, July 21, 2004

iBabble and iGrill

Howdy y'all...

there's now an official little talking spot for all things Heap related...hmmm...i feel special...babble to your hearts content here...i think our James is going to stick a link up on this iblog page too.


The guys for this TV thing heard a minutes worth of what I put together last night and they're really up for it...so today I began finding a few other minutes to add to it...a couple of chorus' some lyrics...the usual suspects...

I've got a deadline of the 1st of August...i hope to be done with it by the weekend though..really am dying to hear where I left the album...and FINISH the DARNED THING!

And another thing....iGrill

Quite a few of you write in with questions like what certain songs were written about, what's the recipe for my irresistible coconut chick pea chilli mushroom ricey concoction, how long is the middle finger on my right hand...stuff you just HAVE to know...well i've decided that if you write in to info@imogenheap.co.uk with your Q's i'll pick a few each month and email the A's back to those of you on our mailing list...Eventually we'll put them up on the site when it's fit and well for all to see...

So we are slowly piecing together all things Heap....getting all the videos i've ever done ready for streaming this week...there are quite a few too when you add them up. Surprised myself...Ready for when the site's primed for action...


heap out ta ta..xxxxxxxxxx


And back again

hi ya peeps...

this is a photo i took on my way back home from the Thames Barrier on Sunday night. A big Orange Sun decended from the clouds to wrap it up beautifully.

So as you can see..I made it. Did 450km by the end of it. Sounds impressive but it was over 9 days and I was taking it nice and slow. Loads of walking in the evenings too, usually past a good old english country pub, it was great...hope you enjoyed my moblog....it's a readymade photo album...I like..

Bit gutted to see that none of my headers to the photos came up. hmm...You may have been scratching your heads at a few of those piccies...anyway...

I'm really aware of all the pollution in London after all that lush country air. Really noticing the sounds of the city too. the constant background hum of forever moving traffic...

Back in the studio today. Had a request while i was away for a new song for a TV program/ poss song for an album they're making for it. I was working on that. Got something over the states before the end of their day...we shall see. It's not exactly what they asked for but I wanted to do what I wanted to do...hopefully they'll find a home for it...All very secretive isn't it!

And that is about it for today! I'm sleepy eyed...just scoffed some toast and marmite. Been one of those can't stop to eat days for fear of losing the thread...

OOhhh....For those of you States wise...watch Six Feet Under on the 1st August...wait 'til the end and you should hear a little bit of me over the credits! It's that nursery rhyme thing I told you about. I wonder which version they'll use?

Lots of love....


oooh..and also saw Shrek 2 while I away...so funny! I love the puss in boots hairball bit! I laughed my socks off!
I did something really embarressing at the end of the flm. I couldn't contain myself. I turned to the person next to me and said "this is me! I'm singing this!!" He was like yeah right...i felt a bit of a twat...

Never mind...

I was so over the moon to hear to hear it on the big screen!

more of that please...

OK...really going now...

love love

heapy x


Friday, July 09, 2004

jolly jaunt

I'm off now! Hurrah! Took me so long to get things together to go. This was meant to be a little fun cheap week off but with all the cycle gear i've bought i could've gone to Mexico! Well not quite but i had no waterproofs, no trainers (which I'm going to go out now and buy on the way), no maps, no spare tubes, no water bottles, no mudguard, no...well you get the idea.

So ears..I am a gonna...off i trot, check ya later, skidaddling...aye.

If I'm not back in a week call the search brigade! Probably at the bottom of a large hill somewhere between here and Kemble.

While I'm away I am going to be posting photos from my mobile phone here at my moblog page. So if you'd like to see a bit of english countryside and perhaps a few of it's inhabitants have a gander...

Don't really know what I'm doing where I'm staying or anything...one day at a time xxx

ok...i'm leaving....

"where are my sunglasses.... /St Anthony?!/"

Love you and leave you x

heap...out x


Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Windows wide open

Hmm. It's pouring with rain outside but it's warm and the air feels fresh now the thunder and lightning have passed. I love it when it rains really hard. Feels so cosy being up here in this little flat watching the rain bouncing off the red busses' roofs below in the . The sky is a dark orange and I"VE GOT MY LAPTOP!!! wooo hooooooooo! I have wanted one for SOOOOO long and here we are together at last. All wirelessly networked up and everything! So i've been playing non stop with it.

I haven't actually started on this biking expedition yet. Since we last spoke i've been knocked off my bike by a crazy excited tourist who seemed to forget that roads were meant for vehicles for a moment and I happened to coincide with that moment unfortunately. We were both ok only i was aching for a while and had to tie a sock around my ankle to stop it bleeding on the way home...then I got a message from my sister's flat-mate saying they were in the hospital coz a blister she'd got just from some new shoes had gotten infected and she had something called Cellulitis! agh! She's fine now though...poor thing...

this doesn't do the dish any flattering favours.

Found an Okonomiyaki restaurant in London (the only dedicated Okonomiyaki place in EUROPE!) Oh god i love this stuff. It's just like a huge omelette but with noodles, mayonnaise, bonito flakes, some magic sauce, and whatever the hell else you want to put in it...me... asparagus, prawns, chicken, and Kimchi (Japanese cabbagey thing) Hot dang it was good! Best of all you get to cook it yourself on a hot slab in the middle of the table...washed down with a couple of very tasty beers. Done my VAT finally...bought a compass and loads of OS maps for my trip. Not that I'm going to need them! I can't do anything by halves me...

Saw Guy on Monday. It was great to see him again...been a long while for us after spending so much time together busy being frou frou...really nice to see Sean too (guy's engineer/ pro - tools operator) They played me some stuff they'd been doing. Mostly with this Norwegian girl called Kate Havnevik.This is show she did for the infamous morning becomes eclectic show last week.

And some other stuff o won't bore you even more with!

Hope to be going on Friday weather permitting,,, i'm so glad i checked before i left. %0 mile an hour winds, thunder and lightening would've made for a good start to the holiday wouldn't it!


So er...

that's about it really...i yo yo between the can't drag me away to as lazy as they come...can't believe how much daytime TV i've watched! HELP! what's happening to me...come friday i'll be out and about getting a sore ass following an extremely long watery snake.

love love
kiss kiss
rubber biscuits

immi xxx


Friday, July 02, 2004

High Tide, high time

Light springs..

Hi there...

Really had a great day today, finished off the walk, did bits and bobs to a few others, then made a CD of the 9 songs to keep for when I get back from my little break down the Thames from it's source in Cirencester...not going to give it even a peek of a listen...Not a sausage. I really want to come back and listen afresh. Once I had them all together I was just ajusting the levels and doing a poormans version of mastering (what we do when we've finished the record to pull it all together. Adding and subtracting frequencies, compressing, giving it the full pollish, squeezing as much goodness into it as possible) of each song so it sounded a bit more consistent and like a record. I really don't feel as far away as I thought I was. I think perhaps a few edits here and there, a bit of general sonic pruning and toothcombing for fluff and...well the issue of lyrics for daylgith robbery and the mystery tune...but I hope to have it really almost there within a month from when I get back. This may seem like a long time but when you do make a record on your...it does take longer!

So I'm feeling good about everything. I love making records but I also REALLY love finishing them!

Every now and then, usually when I've finished something i've been fiddling wth at the studio I treat myself to the longer and way more scenic route home. Along the southbank of the River Thames. I just absolutely LOVE cycling after the pubs are well shut for the night and there's hardly anyone around. Just as likely to see an urban Fox as you are a person! Just the murmurs of traffic on the streets I usually travel on the way home. The occasional boat party on the Thames, the lights of the North bank, the dome of St Paul's cathedral, the bridges all lit up. Everything with light reflecting in the river. Tonight It was a really high tide so I felt even closer to it and quite still too. The big illuminous plastic green tree by the City hall. HMS Belfast, the Oxo tower, the huge dark brick Tate Modern with the Purple light on the tip of it's chimney. It's just all so pretty! The little girl with the balloon. Zooming through the tunnels and over the various ramps and winding through old iron lamposts. I really love London like this. I was absolutely ravenous too so when I got near home I got my once a year chicken kebab from our local. Which is extremely tasty I might add...have a hint of garlic, onions and jalapeños on the breath though at the moment.

Got back around 1.30am and plonked myself infront of the telly for a different bit of screen action. There was this great documentary about the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

Had a long chat with Guy today about tons of stuff. A good old catch up. I'm going in on Monday to say hi and also to work on something together for another artist...let you know if comes off who it was...

maybe I could sneak a photo of him in his studio...hmmm...

I'm am going to be very good and do my VAT tomorrow...tie up TONS of loose ends...go see Guy on Monday then head off for a bit of much needed English countryside! Got something called a moblog (mobile blog) started so when I go away I can phone in photos of where I am...

love to you all. I hope you all see the London like I did tonight one day. It's just the best...x

Love love...until tomorrow xx



Thursday, July 01, 2004

Studio tan

Nik and some green bird...

mmm....looking good Heap...well I said I'd get a wee photo...but I only remembered on our way out the door...next to the door was a wall...and hence this beautiful photographic composition. Breathtaking...Nik wouldn't be on his own and I hadn't done my make up...not that I ever wear any of course. It seems I am actually paler than the wall which is a tad worrying!......but hey...an iblog entry without some icandy! imagine...

that's better...

It was great to hear his stuff...I loved this one song in particular...so much that I can't recall the title but it had Sun in it and about 6 other words...There was a hint of some bendy Indian strings...always a hit with me...I sang five songs for him...just backing vocals...I wouldn't normally, but I really like Nik and like I said yesterday, we go back to my 17th year on this planet...

Long time...
when you're 26...



oh...that is beautiful!

Coming in thin and dribbley we have some Jeff beck photos...a couple here taken by a Jeff Beck fan who put this together....this was the first night out of the two. Thank you so much for that Chie!

ja ja...

Soooo...some of you who are in LA have been hearing the W.I.Ps ha? (work in progress)...hmmm...i bet the radio compression does wonders for "I'm in love with you"... glad you're liking it... plenty more where that came from...the one's they've got are the first few I sent out to a couple of close friends...little did I know..ha ha...KCRW have their ways...If you're into those you're going to have eargasms when you hear the new stuff!!!

heh hem...calm down Heap...

Love and other good stuff...

ibla de bla on...

immi xxx



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