Hello there!

Beginning at The Camden Roundhouse Reverb Festival that I'm curating this year (August 22nd-25th), I'll be continuing on a year-long world tour, playing songs from my new album Sparks (out in June) and also the old favourites. I'm excited to announce that fellow music-maker Leafcutter John, who I'm a huge fan of and you won't want to miss, will also be coming along for the ride!

Leafcutter John is an established musician who magically blends samples of every day sounds with electronics and folk influences, a concoction close to my heart. A computer-whizz and celebrated tinkerer, you might have heard of him through his work as a member of Polar Bear.

In the past as a lot of you will know, I invite local musicians on stage with me, from cellists to full choirs and as before we're asking you to join us on stage, albeit a little differently this time! We're putting a call out for any automated musical creations you've made or collected and might have gathering dust on a shelf at home and which you'd like to see put to good use on stage with us. We're looking for anything which makes a good noise to potentially come up on stage with us and be part of 'the band'. The more interesting/ wilder the better! So please have a good think and a trawl of your lofts, garages or at the back of your cupboard and see if there's anything we might be able to use. Then upload a video of it making noise and send it over to us here.
Just to give you an idea of the kind of thing we're after, we love the work of Felix Thorn, Dan Wilson and Morten Riis. We're really excited to see what you guys find and send over. As ever, thanks a million for all your help and support.

See you soon! Immi and John xxx

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