Sparks Album Teaser

Imogen began the ‎Sparks‬ album journey over 3 years ago and it has taken her across the globe in the process.

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Check out this album teaser for a recap of Immi’s incredible journey!

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Behind The Scenes of Telemiscommunications

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Check out ‘Behind The Scenes of Telemiscommunications’ for interviews with Imogen & Deadmau5, as well as the animators involved in creating the video for Imogen’s latest collaboration!

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Telemiscommunications release + video + Hangout


deadmau5 + Imogen Heap’s single ‘Telemiscommunications’ will be released on 12th March 2013.

In the closing track on deadmau5′s latest album, we hear one voice of a phone conversation between two lovers. Whether it’s a battle with bad signal, public announcements or kids screaming, the friction develops during their precious little time to talk.

To celebrate the release Imogen and deadmau5 will ‘meet’ for the first time, hosting a Google Hangout during which they will premiere the Telemiscommunications video.

Watch the Google Hangout on 12th March at 4pm GMT (11am CST) at to see the results of the global ‘Heapmau5′ competition which found 20 animators, each of whom were given their own segment of video to create, working in their own style and medium, to produce a remarkable music video.

Tweet your question for Imogen & deadmau5 during the hangout using the #askheapmau5 hashtag.

The Telemiscommunications EP will be available on 12th March and features 4 remixes:

1. Telemiscommunications
2. Telemiscommunications (Crookers Remix)
3. Telemiscommunications (Copy Paste Soul Remix)
4. Telemiscommunications (John Roman Remix)
5. Telemiscommunications (Kölsch Remix)

We hope you can join Imogen and deadmau5 at from 4pm GMT (11am CST) on 12th March!