An update on the Gloves Kickstarter campaign from Imogen


Hello there!

Very exciting that our gloves are now 20% funded but we are still a way off our goal with just 27 days to go.

Myself and the rest of us on the Mi.Mu gloves team have announced some rather fabulous mid-level pledges for those of you who fancy a spot of DIY (I know I do ;)!  Maybe add the components to your own favourite gloves or just buy the material without the tech innards if you like the look of them? There’s also some spots to come to a workshop with us where we’ll show you how to make them, then get you up and running!

OR.. if you really want a pair of gloves but just not quite yet (as these early pairs have to be expensive due to small run/ research and development and basically being hand made), you can ‘keep your seat warm’ and pledge £10 to get into the queue for the time when we figure out how to manufacture them cheaper! This could be a year or maybe two from now though!

If you haven’t had a look yet… you can also buy a limited edition signed CD of Me The Machine (that is only ever going to be available in the Deluxe Box Set and nowhere else ever again) that includes the video, making of documentary, instrumental version and 12 pages of delicious artwork. Or you can buy the Streemliner (digital) version of all of that for £5. OR if you’re into a spot of remixing, there’s a chance to buy the Me The Machine stems for £50. I will release all stems of all songs from Sparks in time for the same price.

There’s also an option to buy all of the lower tier pledges for £100 that gets you, streemliner, a warm seat, the signed CD AND the stems for £100 (as you can’t select multiple pledges).

Check out the kickstarter campaign page here!

So… If you haven’t already pledged something PLEASE DO! These gloves are AMAZING to play with. They have changed the way I think about and create music, a dream come true and I so wish to get these onto the hands of others to get that ‘gLoving feeling’!. It’s got to happen basically! In general I hate asking for help but on this occasion… Please spread the word and take part!

Love of gLove, Immi! xx

Get your hands in a pair of Imogen’s Mi.Mu gloves via Kickstarter!


You’ve heard all about Imogen’s musical Gloves and you’ve seen the videos of her performing with them…well now it’s your chance to own a pair!

Imogen and her team of musicians and engineers have set up a Kickstarter campaign to bring the Mi.Mu gloves to the masses, at an affordable price.

In their own words:

“The time has arrived!  We are making the first Mi.Mu gloves available to people who want to work with us to shift the paradigm of how music is made and performed.  This Kickstarter campaign has been designed to take us from where we are now, having created a self-funded, elaborate, and wildly successful gestural music system with and for Imogen Heap, to finalising a design that can be open-sourced, allowing everyone access to the power of glove.”

Even if you don’t need a pair of the Gloves, you can back the campaign for a small amount and get an exclusive Streemliner containing audio, video and artwork for ‘Me The Machine’ – the first song created with the Gloves!

To find out how you can back the Gloves and get your hands in a pair, check out the Kickstarter campaign here.

Kickstarter campaign to back Bhutan documentary featuring Imogen’s music

In late 2011, Imogen spent 10 days trekking through the Himalayas in Bhutan with film maker Ben Henretig and his team of collaborators.

During this time Imogen soaked in the sounds of Bhutan as she is to write an original composition for the soundtrack. A documentary capturing an unprecedented, border-to-border crossing of Bhutan, filmed over 2 months. Longer than any other team has ever been able to film in Bhutan.

Ben is now seeking $45,000 via a Kickstarter campaign in order to facilitate the release of the film.

UPDATE! The kickstarter campaign has reached its minimum goal but ideally looking to raise $100k.

Imogen’s good friend Zoe Keating is also featured on the soundtrack which is another good reason to help out!

Please watch the trailer above and if you would like to help make this film a reality, donate what you can  to the campaign.

If you can’t afford to donate, you can still help by clicking the the share buttons below the video here and sharing it with your friends on Facebook & Twitter.