Behind The Scenes of Telemiscommunications

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Check out ‘Behind The Scenes of Telemiscommunications’ for interviews with Imogen & Deadmau5, as well as the animators involved in creating the video for Imogen’s latest collaboration!

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Telemiscommunications release + video + Hangout


deadmau5 + Imogen Heap’s single ‘Telemiscommunications’ will be released on 12th March 2013.

In the closing track on deadmau5′s latest album, we hear one voice of a phone conversation between two lovers. Whether it’s a battle with bad signal, public announcements or kids screaming, the friction develops during their precious little time to talk.

To celebrate the release Imogen and deadmau5 will ‘meet’ for the first time, hosting a Google Hangout during which they will premiere the Telemiscommunications video.

Watch the Google Hangout on 12th March at 4pm GMT (11am CST) at to see the results of the global ‘Heapmau5′ competition which found 20 animators, each of whom were given their own segment of video to create, working in their own style and medium, to produce a remarkable music video.

Tweet your question for Imogen & deadmau5 during the hangout using the #askheapmau5 hashtag.

The Telemiscommunications EP will be available on 12th March and features 4 remixes:

1. Telemiscommunications
2. Telemiscommunications (Crookers Remix)
3. Telemiscommunications (Copy Paste Soul Remix)
4. Telemiscommunications (John Roman Remix)
5. Telemiscommunications (Kölsch Remix)

We hope you can join Imogen and deadmau5 at from 4pm GMT (11am CST) on 12th March!

deadmau5 and Imogen Heap launch video competition

deadmau5 and Imogen Heap have set up a global competition for animators to produce a segment of the official video to their collaboration ‘Telemiscommunications’.

Tons of people will get to see your work and you’ll get paid a bit for it too if we choose you :) Interested? Visit now for more information.

A personal note from Imogen:

Hello there… so, deadmau5 and I have written a song called Telemiscommunications and it’s out already as you may well know but we don’t have an official video for it yet! If you’re an animator… we’d love you to be a part of it, so check out the website to find out how to get involved!

We can’t wait to see what comes in and put this video together.

Thanks so much for considering to be a part of this.


Heap and Mau5 team

Listen to Imogen’s collaboration with Deadmau5

Check out Imogen’s latest collaboration ‘Telemiscommunications’ with the awesome Deadmau5 below…

Telemiscommunications is now available on the new Deadmau5 record entitled ‘>album title goes here<’ and will also be available on Imogen’s upcoming studio album.

Imogen and Deadmau5 release ‘Telemiscommunications’

Imogen’s long anticipated collaboration with Deadmau5 is set to be released on 24th September, 2012!

‘Telemiscommunications’ will feature on Deadmau5′ new album ‘> album title goes here <‘ and will also be included on Imogen’s upcoming new album.

You can pre-order ‘> album title goes here <’ now at iTunes, or wait for Imogen’s album to be released to get your hands on the track.