Listen to Imogen’s collaboration with Deadmau5

Check out Imogen’s latest collaboration ‘Telemiscommunications’ with the awesome Deadmau5 below…

Telemiscommunications is now available on the new Deadmau5 record entitled ‘>album title goes here<’ and will also be available on Imogen’s upcoming studio album.

Imogen and Deadmau5 release ‘Telemiscommunications’

Imogen’s long anticipated collaboration with Deadmau5 is set to be released on 24th September, 2012!

‘Telemiscommunications’ will feature on Deadmau5′ new album ‘> album title goes here <‘ and will also be included on Imogen’s upcoming new album.

You can pre-order ‘> album title goes here <’ now at iTunes, or wait for Imogen’s album to be released to get your hands on the track.