#ninjaVAN charity concert in Vancouver

ninjavan (2)

Last night Imogen took part in #ninjaVAN, a hastily arranged charity concert in Vancouver, where she’s attending TED. Performers included Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman and Astronaut Chris Hadfield, amongst others!

Luckily Imogen’s keytar which had been damaged in transit from the UK was repaired with gorilla glue and she was able to perform!

Thanks to everyone who emailed us with offers of a replacement after the call out on Twitter & Facebook, and thanks also to everyone who went to the show and donated to the Vancouver Food Bank!

Instagram Photo: @activecultures

Deluxe Boxset Update

Imogen’s deluxe boxset project manager Adrian has just posted an update on the boxset over on the deluxe blog, click here to check it out.

Meanwhile, here’s some photos of an actual, real life, manufactured box:

You can still order your box set from Pledge Music or Imogen’s web store.

Imogen to run the London Marathon

Imogen is set to run the London Marathon this year with her sister Juliet!

Juliet and ImogenThe Heap sisters will be running in aid of the Music In Hospitals charity, whose mission is to improve the quality of life for adults and children with all kinds of illness and disability through the joy and therapeutic benefits of professionally performed live music in hospitals, hospices, day care centres, special schools, nursing and residential homes.

Imogen said: “There’s something about music touching parts of your brain that the everyday can’t manage to find and get to. It seems to trigger old memories and spark life back into those that have lost a little.”

If you’d like to sponsor Imogen and Juliet, please visit their JustGiving sponsorship page.

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