Right then...I've begun the 3rd album (the follow-up to 'Speak For Yourself'). I'm going to write a more frequent blog as I did with the last one so you can keep an eye on me and make sure I'm not slacking! I wonder how it's gonna turn out? How exciting! You're very welcome to comment but please don't ask me questions on here or i'll never get any work done. You can email me with any questions you have and every month we'll pick 20 from the virtual 'hat' and post them. Send your questions to: igrill@imogenheap.com

Much much more to come! Love, fluv x i x Wheeeeee!!!


Click here and here to see 360s of my cosy studio in London where I wrote and recorded the last album "Speak for Yourself" xxx

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Not Now But Soon!

hello you lot.... I'm really nervous (though my mum always told me just before piano exams that this was just a form of excitement) of what you're all going to make of the song in it's entirety. I've never given so much of the making of a song away before and was cautious in the beginning for fear it would spoil the surprise but I just can't help myself. I want you all to hear what I'm up to.

Every now and then I pop my head in here and there to see what you guys are saying about the blogs and all. In a place where it's mostly just me and a screen staring at each other, your words egg me on in all the right ways. I feel the want for it but not angry impatience and drumming fingers, so a big thank you for baring with me! I know some of you are beside yourselves with excitement with "not now but soon".

I really hope it pays off with all this build up! This song is a small window into what the album's going to turn out like. I don't even know myself how it's going to end up. This song may not even end up on the album.

In a fortnight my studio will finally be fully wired up and ready to roll. I can't wait to get fully immersed into the depths of the next 10 or 11 songs and treat each one as much as a complete individual as I dare. The studio has taken so much longer,
soooooooooo much longer than I thought when I started out building it and now I'm really on a race to get the album completed and out to you by the end of the year. My friend's and family tell me I'll manage it as somehow I always do under pressure....this time I'm forcing myself to believe them as the task seems mountainous from where I stand at it's feet. Setting deadlines does have a habit of getting things finished.

More soon as always and a big thank you again to you all xxx love fluv, immi xxx


posted by James  # 10:03 AM
It's great to finally hear your amazing vocals once again immi. This album can only turn out to be magic :)
Hello Imogen. Man, I can’t believe it’s been over 4 months since I’ve commented on one of your blogs, but rest assured, I’ve watched/read them all. I know you were concerned:) Thank you for them. You’ve made me laugh on days that I needed a laugh. I guess laughing is good every day, but you know what I mean.

Before I get into everything, I want to thank James for posting the blogs on the blog section of your website. I really prefer this instead of going to youtube. So, thank you James.

So, my main concern today was to get the Heroes soundtrack after work, which actually took some work in getting, because apparently Best Buy is the only one selling it. I didn’t mind this, but I didn’t want to fight the Chicago traffic to get to the Best Buy, so I stopped at Target and Circuit City first (because they were closer) with no luck. Fortunately traffic wasn’t so bad. I’ve listened to the new track about 6 times now. I like it. The sound of your shoes is so cool, and I’m glad that bass part turned out as good as it did. Obviously the song has your vibe, but it does have something different than the last album. To me, it has a bit of a Frou Frou vibe also at times, but that could just be me that feels this way. There was a moment that felt abrasive, which was at the 3:02 mark. There is a change at 2:35, and then again at 3.02. The second time just felt abrupt. So, I hope you don’t hate me for that, because I will be listening to the song many times. The painting of you in the CD jacket was also cool.

Your thrillercast comments were great to listen too, and you made me laugh with your opening scary voice. Your answer on zefrank was cool also. Thank you for the insight.

I’m sorry the Narnia people thought the song was too dark. Is Lewis an author you like?

I don’t know if you’ve listened to the Album Leaf, but if you haven’t, you should because I think you would like his music. I’ve also just started listening to the White Stripes, and I’ve liked their stuff a lot.

I got to see Levi Weaver in concert a couple weeks ago and meet his wife afterward. He only got to play briefly, because it was a benefit show with a few other acts, but it was really cool to see him again and meet her. I picked up both of his discs. I took my sister and brother in law to the last show of your American tour, and his song Del Cielo moved my sister to tears, because our parents died 9 months apart over 12 years ago, which really seems crazy when I type that out. Anyway, it’s nice to have that song now.

I’ve been trying to pick up your old singles and Frou Frou singles on ebay. Which you probably think is crazy. Yes, I could just get them illegally somewhere, but I’m not really a fan of that. All that to say, the song Close Up has some really cool effects, like that helicopter sound, and when your voices explodes out of nowhere towards the end of the song,.

So, a winter release for the album. My two favorite musical acts are releasing albums fourth quarter. U2 and yourself, again, no pressure:) I have a lot of my favorite musicians releasing albums this year, and the fall/winter will be a great cap to the year. If you can’t tell, I’m trying to say I’m looking forward to whatever it is your brain is going to tell your hands to play, and voice to sing. Oh yeah, and faders to move.

Randomly, how is your Japanesse language studies going?

Well, if you’ve read through all this, I thank you. I read over it, and realize I used the word “cool” too many times, and I tried to correct this. I’ve been thinking about you making your album lately and saying a prayer here and there for you. Goodbye for now, and I hope your week is going great.

I absolutely love this song!!!
The song is soooo fantastic- and after watching the clips on youtube, I was counting down the days til the Heroes soundtrack was released! and I absolutely cannot WAIT til your full new album comes out!
Hi immi, best of luck in the studio of round. we are all firmly behind you in your towering efforts to bring the record to fruition. If you get stuck, just go and punch a heavy bag! peace and blessed be, benzene
LOVE your voice.

LOVE your sound.

SO happy that you and your new studio have been getting along.

Enjoyed hearing (what I assumed was) you tromping around your house at the beginning of the new song.


I've been checking your blogs on a regular basis for news on your new album.

I can't wait, "speak for yourself" was a masterpiece and your next album im sure will be just as great.

I listen to your music most days and just have to thank you for taking the time to make it.


shaun =] !!
Hello Imogeng Heap!
It's great to see news about you. I'm ansious to get your new job! (Talking like that seems to be easy just write musics and record then, hehehe, sorry.) But you are amazing, and I'm sure it gonna be awsome!
I'd really like to know if you like Brazilian Music - Bossa Nova?
I think some musics would be fantastic with your beautifull voice.

Love you!

Tiago Brazil!
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