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Thursday, April 12, 2007

World Population Refresh

Just here catching up on emails and out of nowhere just wondererd...
"how many people are there in the world?"

Google answered with this page
I love google and I love this planet!
It's amazing. Nearly 80,000,000 more people on our big ball speeding round the sun than this time last year.
That is so incredible.
Anyway..back to email.

posted by immi  # 2:00 PM

I too am also fascinated by this. Perhaps you would like this widget for Mac OS X then...


David x
That definately very interesting. Another thing google is good for is directions... From NYC to London google will give driving directions. My favourite is step #23!


Wow... am I the only one who sees that number and is a little creeped out? How many of those people are starving, I wonder? It reminds me of learning Malthus back in highschool.

A fun book to read that sort of touches on it all: "A Short History of Progress" by Ronald Wright.
Every time i click on the link the number goes up, too. Sweeeet.

In response to Jimmy's comment; Hahah! Step #23 is great. Looks like Google has a good sense of humor.
Imogen, I’m glad that more of your lyrics/ideas/melodies are working themselves out (previous post). The population thing is amazing. Not to be morbid, but I wonder if they have an estimate on deaths. It obviously can’t be equal since the world is growing, but it still has to be staggering. I also wanted to tell you randomly how good I think the lyrics are for “Glittering Cloud”. Writing from the perspective of the locust was a great idea, and it works really well. Oh yea, the music is alright too:) I hope your day is going well.
I love your blog, Immi! Keep it up. :P
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