Right then...I've begun the 3rd album (the follow-up to 'Speak For Yourself'). I'm going to write a more frequent blog as I did with the last one so you can keep an eye on me and make sure I'm not slacking! I wonder how it's gonna turn out? How exciting! You're very welcome to comment but please don't ask me questions on here or i'll never get any work done. You can email me with any questions you have and every month we'll pick 20 from the virtual 'hat' and post them. Send your questions to: igrill@imogenheap.com

Much much more to come! Love, fluv x i x Wheeeeee!!!


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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I'm in love with Gorge

Hello possums! (there are also some in my larder. At the moment they're heard and not seen).

I'm in a cafe/bar on the waterfront right now in Launceston, Tasmania as I haven't got the internet going in the cottage yet. This is more out of choice as it gets me out and about come evening time (and drinking some nice one while I type). Let's begin shall we?

As soon as I got in the taxi from the airport I knew I was going to be OK.
The hills, the clouds, the traffic jam. (only coz they're were doing road works just outside the airport. Definitely not the norm out here.) And thankfully, I was going to be staying here for a while.

After I'd got to the cottage and met up with Gina (who had the keys) I did the usual settling in drill. Unpacking, setting up my portastudio. Hanging up clothes and shopping for a few small bits of breakfasty stuff. That night I went to dinner at a place the cabby (who used to be a roadie in the UK back in the 60's and toured with Eric Clapton) recommended called "Still water" (the old water mill), close to where I am. I went and booked myself a table for 1. I wonder if they assume I must be a reviewer from a guide or something as service is always fantastic for me whenever I've do eat alone.

The bits "in inverted commas" are taken from my writing book....

"Tonight I felt like a real songwriter. Not an impostor. Which is how i usually feel. Like I'm kinda busking my way through all of this somehow. That I'm fooling you all into thinking I'm any good. I was rabid with with ideas. Strong themes. Frantic with the pen. In between uncontrollable hysterical laughter thanks to the book I'd bought at Sydney airport - "Salmon of Doubt" by Douglas Adams. He's just so so funny. I can't tell you. If you want to find out what makes my sides split and my body crumple in laughter...then read. Fantastic. This is what spurred it off I'm sure of it. That coupled with grassy hills, gorgeous Gorge and a high street busy with walking talking people, coffee shops and bus stops.

I'm staying right on the Cataract Gorge. This seems to be where all the joggers come all through the day. It makes me feel like I'm exercising just by watching them. Sometimes I'd go to the gym and just use the sauna and be around really fit people hoping that somehow being fit would magically rub off on me."

I've just noticed my keypad had a little mouse in it. It's started to squeak as I type.
Also..a little note-let about Sydney...I met up with an old school teacher of mine in Sydney, which was really nice. Always is to meet up with someone who knew you back then, in your brat days. We were talking about Second Life as he designs stuff for it sometimes. I was thinking it may be nice to have a little island or something on here for us all to hang out on. Do a virtual concert and stuff. What do you think?

I've attached a map here for you. I've even done my own key too. How organized is that? You can tell I may have a little more time on my hands these days. This is what I did yesterday.

"I've just been walking the trail from my lovely cottage that's by Kings Bridge (built in the late 1800's. Swatted up at green dot no.2, see map) to see what I could find. I had no idea what was in store for me. After about 5 mins of walking amongst the water and rocks I could feel my brain soften. Sometimes it's too hard. You know? Like it's protecting itself from the outside. Shutting it out. I can't believe how good things are right now. Launceston must be one happy town to have this fantastic wonderland on it's doorstep. The river begins to tumble more over the rocks as you go upstream. I love being by the ocean but there's something about a river. I think it's coz it's really going somewhere. Not just landing on the shore after it's long journey. A river is up for bigger things. Soon enough I came upon the completely unexpected victorian garden tickling the edges of the basin. At one end a suspension bridge. I love bridges too. Especially these ones. The more people that walk across them the more you have to hold on. I wish sometimes that women dressed the way they did in those times (sometimes I guess I do kinda), in their huge, intricate domed and boned dresses, corseting their ribs to within a pinch of their cage. Protecting their rosy skinned faces with ornate and fringed parasols. Completely the opposite of today with flesh on show, baked in the oven.

It really hit me today that I was in Australia when a bush rustled up a wallaby from behind it's back! I tried fumbling to get my camera phone from the depths of my trick bag but it wasn't there when I needed it."

I had lunch, read more of the "burst out into fits of giggles" book and then walked about the basin. I sat for about 2 hours on the little low footbridge there. The river squeezing it's way through beneath it. Legs dangling. Listening to my ipod, song on repeat. It's the idea I came up with in Fiji. I have got an idea for a song I'm so excited about. I'm not actually going to tell you what It's called or what it's about though. Crap ha? It was probably a COMPLETE coincidence that The Feeling's song "Sway" had the lyric "Heart in a headlock" but I was still slightly suspicious. I don't want to feel suspicious again. it's not nice. Plus...I know Dan (the singer/writer) and it was kinda awkward for me. Anyway...! I'm well happy about it. You would have seen my tapping my dangling feet, humming out of tune random lyrics for a couple of hours here. This place is having such a nice effect on me. It's green and peaceful but there's still humans here that I can interact with (been talking to geckos mainly). Even just to watch us helps. I guess it just comes down to...if you're writing about people, you need to be around them!

After hours of this I took my return trip on the chair lift. I love being lifted about ground. Smiling to people going the other way. Both parties knowing that it's slightly silly what we're doing but so are many things pleasurable in life. I listened to "little bird" on my way. I really got a sense of how I want the track to go when I get into the studio. In the same way that "Flight of the bumblebee" totally makes you imagine you are on the back of a bee through wild mountains, I want little bird to make you weightless. More like a sparrow than an eagle though. Flitting up and down with the breeze. So all in all I think you can tell, I'm feeling pretty positive at the moment. Which is a slight change from Fiji from a writing perspective anyway.

And so...today. I walked and walked and walked. Much more than I had planned! I only took an apple with me to eat as I'd imagined I'd probably come across a small kiosk or something. This is what made my journey a long one. I didn't want to turn back until I had...and it never happened. Lots and lots of soft spongy brain action all the while, soaking it all up. Eventually (6 hours later) amongst the trees and rock formations I came upon a nice lady and her dog patch. They gave me a lift into town where I sat, read and scoffed down some sliced meats and stuffed cherry tomatoes. I started off the same place but went via the zigzag track on the other side of the river, passed my wallaby sighting and then continued off the page...by a very long way! I'm going to catch up on the song writing side of things today. I have quite a satisfying aching of the legs under the table at the moment.

Oh..saw lots lots more wallabies today. Big ones little ones. Here's a little one for you.

Right...Love to you all. Will catch up soon.
immi xxx

p.s. pic at the top was taken from this spot It's very tricky to take a good picture of yourself. The sun seems to have shaded in my eyebrows to give them a "pork chop" effect. Making me hungry...

posted by immi  # 10:55 AM
I remember when I first got The Feeling's "12 Stops and Home" some months back and I heard that line from the song (titled "Sewn" actually) and I wondered if it was a small tribute or a complete coincidence. Let's assume the former. Rappers do it all the time, why can't the rest of us?
Wait, wait, it says "route taken, gets darker as we go." But then the start is on the dark part...? Oh well, doesn't really matter. That's so cool! I'm glad you feel like a real song writer... Because you are! =) I love your video. It was really random when you said "What does the wallaby wanna be? (etc.)" and it made me laugh. Have a great time in Australia! Looking forward to that song you're so excited about. ;)
YES! You should most definitely do a Second Life thing! I only discovered it the other day and I still don't completely get it...I made some flowers in a pot and now I don't know what to do with them because I refuse to pay real money in a virtual world...annnyway yeh I would so be at a virtual Immi concert!
wow is that all u? ur blog is real? seems ur alone ;-) ?
i think second live is not a good thing. im a net-junkie too. but i think "second live" will lead us to a THE MATRIX, think about it!!!! its true ;-) no doubt. it is the worst nightmare and the end of all beauty, fantasy, love and live. im bagging u. do not support any second live stuff. use the net, let the net use u but dont leave us to another live!

(i like ur stuff a lot)
right then, it's good to know your spongy brain is all cramped up with good songs to sing! i am enjoying this blog tremendously! cheers!
must be odd to be getting comments from people
you've never heard of...i guess i can just get added to the
bunch right now!
i just wanted to let you know that i was lucky enough to
watch footage of your live recording of "just for now" that
was recorded in a radio station studio in september 2006. i
can tell that your joy is found in the rhythyms and the
words and the harmonies and it inspired me!
my mom passed away in november and ever since then, i havent
been able to sing too often because the songbird inside
hasn't really wanted to. and my voice has lost the qualities
it used to have...which has always been one of the most
important things in my life.
well i'm happy to report that for the past three or four
days i've been watching that video on and off and singing my
little heart out! :) God has given you a special
gift...cherish it, my dear girl!
thanks for such a beautiful song. i know i discovered it for
a reason and i'm so excited to learn more about that music
that you've made already, not to mention the thrid album
youre writing!
all the goodness in the world to you! my prayers are with
you as you travel and discover this amazing world!
Hey Imogen - your writing and music is really inspiring for me, so thanks for writing regularly! if you come near in Byron Bay and need a couch to sleep on (small house) or a lift from the airport email me at Myspace music - Helen Rogerson xo
Wallaby,Wallaby,Wallaby! lol. Immi you are so adorable when you say that. Glad you are having fun and getting lots of creative ideas! I just played Mic Check on a friend's fancy home stereo and we were blown away with the sound layering on that track. It was his first time to ever hear Mic Check.
Love from Austin,
As an enthusiastic and technological minded fan I just have to say that preforming within Second Life would definately be right up your alley.

I would have to say, though that I would absolutely love the opportunity to film a music video within second life (aka machinima) of a performance or even on the side. I've been doing such things in Second Life for over two years now, so I'm a bit of a vetran :)

During my nearly 3 years of being in Second Life I have opened so many peoples' ears to your music as its always been my mission to find artists and music 'under the radar' and find things that make me feel as if I've discovered them - yet its always priority for me to share that knowledge and pass it on.

To think my fandom started around 1999 by buying a CD in a record shop merely because of the colorful label and the seemingly random song titles. True artistry in every form.

Again, I am truely astounded by your music and find your voice completely amazing. Your music is constant in that I've yet to hear a song I didn't absolutely identify with. You're an enigma of glitter and vibrant colors.

Respect to you,

Greetings. Saw your interview with Charles Snider on youtube, and made note about your views on file/music sharing. While I don't do much of that, I think your point was proven by the fact that I only just found out about you. The free sources of information on youtube such as your performances, various videos, and interviews helped me learn about you and your music. Even then it took me a couple of days to soak it all in. Because I like it, that will send me to the music store. Where not only will I purchase S4Y, but perhaps a few of your older works. A true fan probably wouldn't be happy with just a few scattered low quality recordings. Any way, really enjoyed Hide and Seek, and your other work as well.

I am also a singer/songwriter, and I found out about your music by watching the SNL digital short OC parody on youtube. Just like 20,000 other people did! ;o)

Some good readin' here missy!
I know you hear it from everyone, but your going to hear it again...

Your actually incredible! Your music takes me out of this world... And I thank you for that...

I wish you good luck with your 3rd album... The first two are amazing!

Again, Thankyou

Gembob x
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