In 2011 Imogen began working on her 4th solo album, a collection of songs written and released individually two months apart, each ‘heapsong’ with a unique story of it’s own.

Hello there!

So this is what I’m up to next…

My 4th solo album will be completed in roughly 1.5 years, with a new song released approximately every 2 months (starting in April 2011) as soon as it’s completed.

My fourth solo album began here, with you on the 14th March, 2011. You were the spark of inspiration. Each song will have the working title of heapsong1, 2, 3..and so on.

Why am I doing this?

Well, there’s so much going on in my life with touring, talks and tech that this was both a necessity coupled with my passion for collaborative, spontaneous and creative projects.

Plus… I often thrive on a deadline (Speeding Cars + Can’t take it in both written / recorded in a week) and creative limitations (Glittering Cloud – a song about locusts using purely locust samples as the rhythm track!). I want to really put myself to the test and I’m going to have fun doing it, with you!

See you soon!

Love immi xxx

Listen to the tracks release from ‘album 4′ so far…

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  • David Moraes

    I think Xizi She Knows may be your best track ever. Utterly beautiful. A true masterpiece, Immi.

  • collin

    These are amazing! Thanks for your work; always potent and inspiring. Are they available for purchase?

  • Micheil Reid

    Yeah, I love the video and the song is an inspiration!!

  • Rich

    Hi Immi, I am loving these new tracks. Some nice new directions. Can’t wait for the album. BTW, I loved your last show in Philadelphia. Thank you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/drilett David Rilett

    Just keep doing this. The world around us seems asleep but some of them are noticing things outside their indifference. Thanks.

  • Evie

    I too am a composer of music, and everything you produce always seems to amaze me! You are an inspiration to the world <3

  • Fabrizio

    Excellent work, Im. Your music can touch the very inside of a person.

  • Craig

    A$ap Rocky loves your stuff :)

  • Alex&r

    I discovered you a few months ago. I can’t believe I’ve missed your music for so long!!! You’re at the very top of my musical pedestal. (and despite my music preferences)

  • Anne Marie

    I’ve been listening to you since I was 11 years old, which makes me a fan for 14 years. Thanks for being so amazing!!! I will always love you!!!

  • GregVK

    My favourite composer/musician/artist/producer! I can’t believe that wasn’t aware of your music when you came to South Africa! If there’s any artist I could see live, I wouldn’t think twice! Come back to SA!

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  • Arwa Ismail

    Imogen you are that brilliant humble and unique super star, and you do what you believe in and love, you have been such an inspiration for me and surly for all the fans in here :) So Thank you very much, and i hope you and fans like this humble attempt of mine a Tribute digital painting (Imogen Heap)


  • bdhsublime

    I remember when I was in London in 2002, I was at Tower Records in Picadilly Circus when I saw your first album, Frou Frou. It stood out for some reason and I decided to listen to it, Ive been hooked ever since. I have all your albums and I cant wait for this new one to be released. Im in South Africa now and was soooooooo deflated when you came out here and I wasnt able to get to the concert. You have to come back please!!!

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  • Stefan Boeykens

    Listing on spotify to the new songs. Lots of variety and fresh, poppy sounds, looped and sampled and twisted voices and sounds. Love Propellor Seeds.

  • BlueJae

    Imogen, I so want to buy I Megaphone, but a comment on Itunes stated that you don’t get the funds from that album anymore. Is this true? I truly care about artists doing well, and I feel like it would just be stupid if I were to buy someones song and then they don’t even get payed for it.

    • http://www.jamesdclarke.com/ James Clarke

      This isn’t true, no! Imogen still receives royalties on I Megaphone and all of her releases purchased through iTunes, so fire away!

      - Immi’s Webmaster

      • BlueJae

        Thank you James, I was searching everywhere to find out the truth but had no success… This really helped and made me happy!

  • Justen

    Keep living your dream Keep smiling stay kind to yourself and to others. Be the change, Imogen! You are amazing. You are an influence. :)

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  • Dawson Cleverlee

    I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!!! I love the way you can take a sound and add it to your songs. You are my biggest inspiration, and I want to make music like you do. Thanks Imogen.

  • Dawson Cleverlee

    P.S I love ‘Minds Without Fear’, it is my favorite song that’s going to be on the new album, thank you, Imogen, and Vishal-Shekar.

  • Alan

    It’s incredible how much Telemiscommunications has touched me after just one listen. It is eerie how much I can relate to the specifics of the song, and it has inspired me.

  • James

    So excited for the new work, Imogen! I saw this instrument earlier, and it reminded me a bit of the glove instrument you used on the TED Talks video. https://www.weareroli.com/seaboard/

    • James

      (In terms of innovation.)

  • Alicia Adams

    Truly outstanding ^_^

  • Guest

    Imogen, as a composer and musician who loves music as much as you do, you are a huge inspiration! I feel like you constantly amaze and surprise me. You never fail to delight with your latest musical adventure. I would love to meet you someday, and share inspirations.

  • Jashua Soto

    Immi, you are the definition of why and what i LOVE music! You hit every aspect of sound , i can always see , hear and feel the music and emotions you pour into your work. I’ll always be listening. :D <3!

  • Gerel

    Where can I find/buy “Climb to Sakteng’? I heard it on KCRW and been enamored by it ever since! Please, help me find the song!

  • SomeOne247

    WOW! Keep up the Brilliantly Amazing work!

  • SomeOne247

    Are all the new songs that are on the spars box set / 4th album going to be released on iTunes or in a regular CD for the poor people? ahha