"Earth" Choir Auditions for Australia/Mexico

Calling all vocalists - sing 'Earth' on stage with Imogen!

"I'm looking for a cappella accompaniments for 'Earth' for my April 2011 shows in Australia and Mexico"
- Immi

What you need to do:

- Record an audition video, upload it somewhere such as YouTube or VImeo - then send a link to earth@imogenheap.com with some background info about yourself.

- Imogen will be singing the lead line, so you will need to sing the backing parts in your audition. Equally, Immi would love to hear your own interpretation - anything from lone beat boxer to 100 piece choir, show us what you can do!

- You could either get someone else to sing the lead line in your audition video, or you could record yourself singing it, then sing the backing parts along with the recording.

- You can download a vocal arrangement of 'Earth' by Imogen's friend Rene Bergeron here.

- Make sure you state which show you want to perform at and remember, we're looking for local performers!

- Those who are chosen to sing with Imogen also have the opportunity to open the show with a short 15 minute set (be it solo or with your vocal group).

- Submission deadlines are 1 week before each show.

"It's so much fun to have new blood on stage every night, I can't wait to experience this! It's completely crazy of course but will be great fun!" - Immi

Questions? Email info@imogenheap.com (no video files, thanks!)