Earth Hour 2012

Re-watch Imogen’s 70 minute live broadcast during Earth Hour, 31st March, 2012 where she improvised on her piano for 60 mins before revealing the details of Heapsong6 and Love The Earth Film.

Where to begin!

Firstly… Hello!
Here marks the start of my blogging for Heapsong6 (almost halfway there!) which will be premiered live as part of an event at my house, 22nd April (Earth Day).
When you tune in to at 7pm BST 22nd April, this is what you’ll experience.

A 90 minute TV show style, timed to perfection live stream – we have a lot to squeeze in.
During this time I’ll be singing and performing live the (as yes unwritten) next Heapsong with ‘The Gloves’. You can see The Gloves in the photo. I’ve been developing them with a team for nearly 2 years now! What you’ll see and hear will be the official song and video, created on the spot in front of your very eyes!
Putting me and all who’ve been roped in, well and truly to the test… but wait…there’s more…

You’ll only be able to see what’s going on because of the 25 cyclists you’ll see in the video, dressed in reflective tweed (of course) will be powering the lights!
This is part of the streamed event being powered off the grid. You can read all about that here!

Leading up to the Heapsong6 performance (which will hopefully have a name by then) I will be guiding you through the process so far via a making if video. You’ll see the making of before it’s made! I’ll be introducing you to all the people involved in Heapsong6. From cameramen to cyclists, designers to lighting specialists and all of ‘The Gloves’ team, with footage shot over the last few weeks.

After the performance, I will then talk to camera about the final song (hopefully I’ll be smiling!) for 15 minutes or so.
While this is happening the team will then magically re-assemble the garden from film set to outdoor cinema and we’ll all sit down together, relax and watch our Love The Earth Film, (orchestrally scored by yours truly), after a brief recap and introduction from Thomas Ermacora and I, before saying goodbye and leaving you to watch The Love The Earth film.

From 22nd onward, Love The Earth will then be viewable to watch by you whenever you like online.

Lots of love!
More soon :) xxx