Aha! Cello Contest

Each night on my tour I would really love one of you to come up and play the slightly mad cello part for Aha! with us on stage. We'll go through it once or twice at soundcheck to make sure you/we can hear everything OK.

Download the 'Aha!' cello sheet music in PDF format here.

Auditions will be held online in the comfort of your own home/space via Vokle by me 2 to 3 days prior to the gig in your area. They will be live and public! Please set up a speaker to be playing Aha! in the background while you play along.

We'll let you know the same night if you're playing with us at the gig of your choice.

Good luck! Lots of love xxx

Watch the US Tour auditions highlights reel:



Australasia/Asia 2010 Tour audition times/winners:

Auckland: Rachel Grimwood
Sydney 1: Christopher Bennett
Sydney 2: Christopher Bennett
Melbourne 1: Blair Harris
Melbourne 2: Blair Harris
Brisbane: Danielle Bentley
Singapore: Wendy Stimpson
Jakarta: Rachman Noor
Hong Kong: You?


UK Feb 2010 Tour winners:

Manchester: Peter Gregson
Glasgow: Christopher Pearson
Leeds: Nick Taylor
Bristol: No Cellist
Cambridge: Anna Scott
Birmingham: Daisy Vatalaro
Gateshead: Louisa Tuck
London:  Ian Burdge


North America Nov/Dec 2009 Tour winners:

Los Angeles: Lauren Posey
San Francisco: Zoe Keating
Salt Lake City: Marilyn McCall
Boulder: Sarah Mathews
Dallas: Buffi Jacobs
Austin: Eman Chalshotori
Nashville: Justin Saunders
Knoxville: Sheera Gerber
Yoosung Lee
Chicago: Kaylan Mitchell
Toronto: Katie Weissman
Montreal: Raphaël Sacha
Burlington: Trevor Jarvis
Ethan D. Miller
Philadelphia: Kellyn Goler
New York 1: Caleigh Drane
New York 2: Zoe Keating