Add your voice to ‘The Listening Chair’

Imogen is a matter of days away from completing her new album and needs your help.

Finishing as she started, Immi is asking her fans to join her in the final piece of the puzzle and add their voices to ‘The Listening Chair’ song.

How to get involved?

1. What we need you to do is record yourself saying “Who Am I Now?”.

2. You can do this using your web browser at or use the Soundcloud app on your smartphone or tablet. Download it here:

3. Upload your recording (you’ll need to create a free Soundcloud account) and then add it to the Soundcloud group.


4. Add your name to the file name so we can credit you, otherwise we’ll credit your Soundcloud username.

5. All entries must be submitted to this group by 23:30 BST on Saturday 10th August, so be quick!!


We’ve added Imogen’s ‘master’ recording to the group so you can hear the speed we need you to talk at, you can listen to it here.

  • George

    Ha, this is awesome. I’m excited!

  • Nicram

    Great idea!

  • Ruan Dexter Bekker

    Damn, I missed it… :(

    • Aric

      me as well :((((

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  • Indira Syidi Husein

    When you will come again o Indonesia ?
    I would love to watch you play at front of venue.
    I really love your songs anyway, you have great musics. and your tallented blow my mind. thanks for making great musics, it makes my imagine grow up. :)

  • Erik

    Missed out as well… If we still send, might they still be useful?

  • angela

    This is amazing. Will we be notified if our entries get picked??