Listen to Imogen’s collaboration with Deadmau5

Check out Imogen’s latest collaboration ‘Telemiscommunications’ with the awesome Deadmau5 below…

Telemiscommunications is now available on the new Deadmau5 record entitled ‘>album title goes here<’ and will also be available on Imogen’s upcoming studio album.

  • Echo Waie

    Well, looks like I’ll be buying that one. Thanks Immi! and Deadmau5, of course. Just amazing.

  • Strider

    You know your compositions are so advanced it will take a few… to detail this. Do i like it? Yes. Why? i Don’ know Oh Yeah! Your voice!

    • Echo Waie

      So.. Are you a Lord of the Rings fan, or do you just like the name Strider?

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  • Harry

    Amazing as always! Thank you!

  • Toma Perez

    Sounds like your old work from Frou Frou era, it’s amazing.

    • Arnie

      Yeah.. that’s what it is. Especially the end.